Written by a board-certified allergist and mom to make learning about food allergies fun!

"The Food Allergy Allergen Matching and Letter-Writing Worksheets for Kids" is the perfect way to teach elementary-aged children about food allergies. With these printable, two-page worksheets, children will learn what a food allergen is and what the top 9 food allergens are. They'll also learn to match the picture of the allergen with its word and will practice writing the letters of the words and spelling the words.

Plus, the worksheets come in a cute color version and in an ink-saving design!

With these worksheets, children will have a fun and educational way to learn about food allergies and how to identify them. These are great for elementary school teachers, home-school families, and any parent who wants their child to learn about food allergies in a way that is fun and educational. 

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