Do you love a kiddo who has food allergies?

Many parents of children with food allergies are looking for evidence-based information to help inform their family's food allergy journey... Does this sound like you?

If so, you may be looking for food allergy information for a few reasons...

Reason #1 - Safety

Many parents seek information to help keep their child safe. So much food allergy information that's available online is sensationalized and not necessarily helpful to families.

Knowing the truth about food allergy and reactions can help families be better prepared to prevent, recognize, and respond to an allergy emergency.

Reason #2 - Quality of Life

Another reason parents look for detailed food allergy information is to prevent the alienation and bullying that can occur with food allergies.

Having the facts about "allergen-free campuses" and the social isolation that can occur with food allergies is important to living your best life - both you and your kiddo - while dealing with food allergies.

Reason #3 - Peace of Mind

Parents seek good information to help manage their own anxieties and calm their own fears that stem from this disease. Death from food-induced anaphylaxis is rare, but the anxiety that such a tragedy could occur is what often fuels so much anxiety.

Being aware of true risks and how to manage a reaction is important to living with food allergy. Also key is having strategies to managing stressors, which can come from food allergy-informed mental wellness support.

All these concerns are real. And they are valid.

With knowledge, strategies, and skills, you can navigate all of these situations so that you and your family can live life with less stress and more joy!

Content written by board-certified allergist Dr. Alice Hoyt

Dr. Alice Hoyt is a board-certified allergist who's dedicated her career to working with families who are navigating life with food allergies. She believes that sharing evidence-based information optimizes the shared decision-making process between a doctor and patient, so she's making available to everyone the type of education she shares with her patient families.

How to Use These Food Allergy and Your Kiddo Resources

A critical component of learning about food allergy is applying information appropriately. This is best done in collaboration with your allergist, and these resources will help you do that!

The information you find here is for educational purposes only and should in no way be considered medical advice or replace what your allergist advises you. Use the information here to fuel deeper discussions with your allergist.

This will result in better conversations and, thus, a better understanding of your kiddo's food allergies.